Three Women, Two States, One Awesome Time: My Crazy 48 Hour Road Trip

When my best friend told me her baby shower would be in New York in July AND it just so happened to be the same week my mom was on vacation, I knew a road trip was in order.

After a quick Google search, I realized that where I would be on Long Island was only about a 2.5 hour drive from my brother’s new digs in Connecticut (he recently began working at ESPN) so I called my mom and told her to get ready for a whirlwind weekend of awesomeness.

She was game, along with my Aunt, and the three of us set out at 5 am Friday morning for the trek to Long Island.

We made really good time and only battled a few obstacles, like our GPS losing service right after the George Washington Bridge in Manhattan and us scrambling to type in our destination. Other than that, we chatted, looked out the window, talked about anything and everything and just enjoyed some girl time together.

I was driving and mom was riding shotgun, so there was a lot of gasps and her pushing her imaginary brake pedal as what I deem “aggressive and necessary driving” on major roadways she saw as “reckless and terrifying.” LOL. My poor Aunt just sat in the backseat and tried to “see both sides.” She is the ultimate peace maker and of course we are already laughing about it.

We made it to Islandia, NY, where we were staying and popped into the hotel to take a breather before heading out to explore. First selfie was a fail. Blurry as all get out.


We traveled to Old Dock Inn in Kings Park., NY for lunch and had this beautiful view out the window.


After lunch we decided we’d head to Jones Beach. Mind you, we were totally relying on Google Maps for this entire trip and although mostly accurate, it’s nerve wracking to say the least.

Jones Beach was supposed to be just a short 45 minute drive so we headed out. Google Maps said something odd like “this route has restricted roads” and every time I entered on to a new road, I was waiting for someone to pull me over and ask me what the hell I was doing. I realized those restricted roads were for private beaches, so we were all good.

We got lost about 3 times. Basically, you go in on a one way road and then have to do a U-turn when you get to the beach you want to get to on the other side of the road. We screwed that up a few times and drove around the Jones Beach Water Tower where the traffic circle is a few times too many (think Clark W. Griswold in European Vacation below).

Finally, we found our way and somehow turned a 45 minute drive into about an hour and a half. By the time we got there, parking was free, since it was after 4 pm, so I guess that worked out to our advantage and we spent the next few hours enjoying the crash of the waves and the warm sand on our toes. The ocean makes you forget about crazy driving, or rushed schedules, or work. The breeze, the smell, the sounds. We had a few hours of pure heaven right there on that beach and it was a beautiful day with loads of sunshine.

IMG_1496 IMG_1483 IMG_1480

Exhausted from a long day of traveling, we headed to TGI Fridays for dinner, then back to our hotel to crash.

Saturday morning we got up early (like 6 am early). My mom is the queen of early mornings. On a regular day, she has probably had 2 cups of tea, did 3 loads of laundry, and watched an entire documentary on Netflix before I even get out of bed. I’m a night owl, along with my Aunt, so we struggled with the lack of sleep, but another busy day was ahead so they headed to breakfast and my best friend picked me up for our morning together.

We headed to a diner and had a nice big breakfast, catching up on life, enjoying the moment together, just the two of us. She lives in Orlando and I live in Pittsburgh, so every chance we get to spend together is special.

Then we headed back to her house to pack up and get ready for her baby shower! We picked up balloons and cake and headed to the restaurant. Cindi and I below 🙂


We enjoyed an awesome meal and great conversation at the shower and before I knew it, my mom and aunt were outside ready to pick me up for our road trip within a road trip to Connecticut!

We headed out around 3:40 and arrived in Southington, CT at about 6:00. Great timing and not a bad ride at all! Just a few more gasps and Oh My God’s from my mom, but we made it in one piece.

My brother met us at the hotel: reunited! Missed this kid, a lot. Then we headed to dinner!



We ate at J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, CT and as Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation would say, “It was GOOOOOOOOOD.”


And they had the coolest glasses…


We enjoyed a great meal and caught up with the bro, then went to check out his apartment. After that, headed back to our hotel (which was amazing by the way: Homewood Suites) and we talked and hung out for a while longer before he had to head back. He had to work Sunday so it was a short, short visit but a much needed one for all of us. Lots of hugs. Lots of tears.

Hotel pics:




They are Suites, so there was also a full kitchen with a stove, dishwasher, large fridge, etc. We were only there for a short time, but it was fantastic!

Sunday morning we woke up (early again, thanks Mom), had some breakfast at the Suites, and then started the long 7 hour drive home. The drive was super easy and we didn’t hit any traffic and by 3:30 pm, I was home with my boys.

It was a FAST and CRAZY 48 hours. But it was a trip we will always remember. Not often in our adult lives, after marriage and kids, do we get to hang out with our parents and family like this. I will cherish this weekend and the time I got to spend with two lovely women in my life. We really missed my sister and wished she could have been with us, but she was working. Sorry, Lisa. We love you!

And a big thank you to my husband for holding down the fort and spending quality time with our son while mommy was away. They had a blast during their boy’s weekend and I even came home to this:


Every memory you can make, please take it. Don’t miss out. Do the crazy drive. Take the long flight. Pay the money. Find the time. Moments are worth it all.

Now just a few more weeks of work and our first family vacation of the year is coming up. Can’t wait to share all about it.

Where are you going this Summer? Ever have a crazy road trip??

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  1. I’m so glad you made it to Cindi’s shower! And what a crazy road trip!? That is a lot of stops in no time at all! How about a road trip to Orlando next time? 🙂

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