Lessons The Last Part of 2020 Taught Me + Might Help You

I’ve been blogging for almost a decade. I started this journey back in 2012 and at first, I was super consistent. Then as the years went on and another kid came into the mix, I started to blog less and less. In 2021, I am trying be here more consistently and whether you’re a long time reader or a new friend, thanks for being here!

The past four months haven’t been that eventful, but I always try to take a lesson away from my experiences and I wanted to share a few. I skimmed through my photos for inspiration.


  1. One kid at in-person school. One kid doing remote learning.

Lesson: Kids are resilient. They are the champions in this pandemic. They were ripped from school, activities and friends last year and even now back to semi-normal, it’s still very different. We could all learn a lot from our young ones and their amazing ability to adjust. My boys are my heroes.

2. Date Night with Friends. We got the chance to meet up with a few of our best friends, eating outside at a restaurant in the City and taking a walk by the river. Not only was it great food and drinks, but amazing conversation. How much I crave date nights, friends, chats and laughter. We laughed so hard we cried. I knew I missed events like these but didn’t realize how much I NEED events like these.

Lesson: We need each other. As winter looms and there isn’t much to do, I need to find ways to stay connected to people. Masks, outside gatherings, Zoom meetings, whatever it takes. I will see you all.

3. Trips Downtown. We still got to the City every chance we could with the kids. We are a go-go-go family. It’s important for my kids to experience the world, learn about people and places and build their passions.

Lesson: Do what you love. Figure it out. Things might look different, things might not be as easy, but they are worth it. Get creative and get out there, especially for the kids.


4. Annual family photo session. There was no way 2020 was going to stop our tradition. These memories are ones we will hold on to forever.

Lesson: Tradition is important and family is everything. The four of us have each other’s backs, forever. No matter what.

5. Solo trip to see my brother. Since he lives in Connecticut, we only get together a few times a year. With Covid, it was even less, but this one short weekend halfway between our world we got to spend together was fabulous.

Lesson: Take the trip! Do the thing! Stop making excuses! If you want to do it, do it. Make time. Sacrifice for others.

6. Halloween. Sure it was different and the kids were trick or treating with masks on top of masks, but it felt normal and the candy haul was super impressive.

Lesson: Harry never quits and Hulk is super strong. It’s been a year of overwhelm for so many. Lost jobs, loss of loved ones, financial struggles, illness, depression, etc. Keep going and do your very best. Find self-care that works for you – meditate, exercise, call a friend.


7. Bridges and Bourbon for a date. We got to sit outside in the middle of the street and sip fancy cocktails and eat steak. It was cold, but it was fantastic.

Lesson: Reconnect with your spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend. Many of us are living, working and spending weekends at home. We are all on each other’s nerves. Try to reconnect. Go on a date, do a fun quiz together, learn to play chess (on our list), remember why they are your person. You need them now more than ever and they need you.

8. November also brought with it many challenges – holiday decisions and watching social media go crazy over both Covid and the election.

HARD Lesson: True colors shine bright. When people show them to you, remember. I learned hard things about people close to me and became closer to people who aligned more with my values. This isn’t a political thing, rather a respect thing. I have family and friends of red and blue but people who hate, discriminate, make fun of, judge or who can’t believe in fact or science are not people that belong in my circle.


9. We watched Christmas movies and played in the snow. We opened presents and stayed in our jammies for days. We celebrated New Year’s Eve as we have for years, just us. We made the most of time off work and played with the kids as much as possible.

Lesson: Make time for the small moments. The kids are getting so big and growing so fast. I am trying to cherish every single second and give them memories they will write about on their own blogs someday.

We aren’t promised anything. We should all know and feel that more than ever after this year. Let yourself feel emotions and work through things. Ask for support and empower one another. Be a helper. Cry. Laugh. Make mistakes, but learn from them.

2021 is still unknown. I will continue to work on myself, be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend I can be and I will keep writing. It is my passion and it is my life’s work. I send you positive vibes, motivation, encouragement and all the love!

About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at tara@apassionforthepen.com
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