The Final Three

Looking at the preschool calendar this week, I realized we are already at Letter X for show ‘n tell. That means just three more times do I get to run around with my kid trying to find something for him to bring in to show the class.

When my oldest son was in preschool and at the end of his show ‘n tell adventure, I was VERY pregnant with my youngest. I knew I would be back, and we would be going through this entire preschool experience again, hoping it was the same teachers. It was 🙂

I felt like we had so much time, like it would be forever until our youngest was ready for big kid school, yet… here we are.

I really see the finality in it all. This is my final child and these are the final three show ‘n tells…EVER.

The last party at school, the Easter party, was the last time I will be at the preschool with all the kiddos and the moms. Everyone will go be going their separate ways to kindergarten, some of us in the same district, but many others in different ones.

The little bonds these kids have formed will someday become a distant memory if they don’t end up in an activity or a class together.

Last year was cut short due to Covid, and this year, the parents couldn’t come in and help out once a month, so when I left the last time I volunteered in March 2020, I didn’t realize I would never be back.

Sometimes we know something is ending and other times, it’s taken away without notice.

This a simple reminder to cherish every moment.

One of my colleagues asked me if I would be sad sending my youngest off to kindergarten and I told her I would be dancing for joy.

And in many ways, I will be. But of course, I’m sure the emotions will hit me at some point.

My boys get one year together at the same elementary school, which is pretty special. I can’t wait to see my oldest walk my youngest into those doors and show him the ropes.

I know my youngest has been waiting patiently until he gets to go the big school! He’s pumped for lunch in the cafeteria and carpool with big brother.

But right now, I need to simply focus on the final three. I need to focus on the last few months of preschool and 4th grade. I need to focus on my kids getting through the toughest year of all our lives, with the pandemic and the lack of social activities and fun.

Time seems to move faster with each passing year. I don’t know how to slow it down and I try my best to be present in every moment.

If you’re facing a final three, soak it all in.

For me it’s X,Y,Z – for you it might the final three games, or the final three months before college or the final three days before a wedding.

There will always be a final three, but more importantly, we need to remember it’s just another milestone in our child’s life.

Take that memory with you and bank it for a day when you’re old and gray. It’s all so worth it.

Now, can anyone loan us a xylophone for Friday?

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