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My Best Friend Is A Two Year Old

I’ve come to the realization that my two-year old son is technically my best friend. No offense to my “big girl” best friends, I still love all of you, but for blog purposes, let’s just explore my title a bit … Continue reading

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My Microwave Is Creaking!

I’ve figured out about how long it takes for all those amazing and new wedding shower gifts to become OLD. Right around seven years is the magic number, and after a quick review of my current kitchen situation, I thought … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block, so here’s 10 short, unfinished “head blogs” for you…

I rarely get writer’s block, but lately it has consumed me. My insomnia doesn’t help either. My brain fires on all cylinders as soon as I lay my head to the pillow and a million thoughts run rampant. I can’t seem to focus … Continue reading

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