The first year + the final year

Welp, I haven’t blogged since April. It’s been a busy and fun summer and I can’t believe school starts next week!

This is a big year for both of our boys. One is beginning his elementary journey and starting kindergarten and one is ending his elementary journey, now a fifth grader.

These boys will spend one precious year together at the same school and they are pretty pumped about it.

Big bro has offered to walk little bro to his classroom and reminded him they get to hang out at carpool at the end of the day. Little bro has asked many questions about recess, lunch and really wonders if math is going to be hard.

It’s the first time in 10 years that I won’t have a child at home at least part of the day. When I left the corporate world and started my entrepreneurial journey, Vincenzo was 2 months old. And just a few months before he began kindergarten, Santino was born.

So, my work at home life has always included the boys. The longest I’ve ever had at home with no kids has been 2.5 hours, 3 days a week. So to think that for 7 hours a day, EVERY DAY, I can dedicate my time to work and only what I need to do, is honestly mind blowing.

Who wants to go to brunch?!

I have advice for both my boys on this year ahead and I’m capturing it here so they can read it someday when they understand a little more and know how much their mom loves them.

Vincenzo, you are going to rule the school this year, my man. A lot of kids may have changed over the Summer. Some will be a lot taller and some will have completely new hobbies and interests. Embrace your uniqueness and never feel like you have to follow along. You get to be you forever and it’s a lot cooler to be different than to simply fit in.

Speak your truth, make people laugh and be kind. Next year, you will be in a brand new school with lots of new faces, so enjoy the familiarly of the friends you’ve had since kindergarten and the halls you’ve walked for all these years and understand that one or two true friends is really all you need.

Work hard, pay attention and soak in everything you can. You are setting an example for your brother now, as he will watch everything you do, so try not to complain about homework and encourage him by sharing your love of reading.

Speaking of reading, keep doing it! I know you love it and your favorite day includes a bookstore visit and that is so important as you continue with your school career. Let those books transport you when you need a minute away and remember that I’m always here to talk. You tell me everything now and I hope that lasts forever.

I know Covid has stolen a lot of your school time and although cyber school was fun last year, it’s time to get back. I know it’ll be a change and maybe a little scary but think how lucky you are to GET to go to school and see your friends and learn from your teachers and experience this part of your life.

You are going to be amazing, my creative soul. I can’t wait to watch your growth.

Santino, it’s finally your turn to go to the big school! You’ve been wanting to jump out of the car at carpool for a long time and now the time has come. I know this is new for you, but you were a pro at preschool and you will be a pro in kindergarten, too.

You are going to meet so many new friends! Friends that might be around for an entire lifetime. Be nice to everyone and offer a helping hand when you can. Some kids might cry or be really scared on their first day and I want you to smile and share a toy with them to make them feel better.

You have never been in school for such a long day, but you get to do so many exciting things. You get to eat lunch at school and go to special classes like music and gym and have a ton of different teachers! I can’t wait to hear you tell me about your day.

And guess what? You are going to learn to read! Yes, my boy. This year, you get to learn the most amazing skill and you can start reading all the many, many books your big bro has collected over the years. You will be able to read mom and dad a story very soon!

You don’t ever have to feel scared. Your teacher is going to be very nice and there is a nurse if you feel sick and she will call mom if you need me and if you can’t open your milk, someone will help you in the cafeteria. Everyone is there to help! Just ask.

You are starting the next chapter of your life, my sweet child. Not quite so little anymore, but mommy is always here for cuddles and chats.

The first year and the final year begin next week but the memories you’ll make and the experiences you’ll enjoy will last forever. Have a wonderful year, kids!

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