My Top 13 Favorite Sounds (it’s Friday the 13th, why not)

When you’ve freelanced and owned your own business for close to 7 years, you get the ups and downs. You’re used to the months when you have a ton in your savings and the ones when you’re charging groceries.

It’s a thrilling life, though, and I wouldn’t change one thing about it. Lately, I’ve been slower with client work. Mainly because I want it that way. I am working on my podcast, spending more time with my husband and our kids and getting back to writing my stuff, which is all I want to do anyway.

I still have that novel to finish. I still have hundreds of blogs in my head to write. And that takes precedence over laundry right now. I’m drinking my coffee (of course), feeling the beautiful *spring* breeze coming in through my window and sitting on my couch with the iPad on my lap, as my little man sleeps and my big man is in school.

It’s a good life.

I wanted to share a simple, happy, positive blog today… just because. There is not enough simple out there, right now. The world feels heavy and scary and complex.

I need a break and you probably do, too.

Since it’s Friday the 13th, I’m sharing 13 of my favorite SOUNDS and why I love them. Give yourself a point for each one you agree with and if you get more than 10, we’re most likely going to be best friends.

Here we go…

1. Rain (especially thunderstorms) – I feel alive when it rains. I put storm sounds on in the background when I work all the time. And reading or sleeping when it’s raining, well that’s just about as close to heaven as you can come. My oldest turned off the TV one morning to “listen to the rain” and I knew that I was winning at parenting at that very moment.

2. A song that reminds me of a certain time in my life – It’s usually Bon Jovi or something else from the clubbing years in college or Ace of Base or *NSYNC that reminds me of my childhood. It just makes my heart happy. And for some strange reason, I always remember the lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in decades. My brain is just storing that stuff somewhere deep and then all of a sudden, BOOM. Of course, Skee Lo is still top of mind.

3. My kids saying I love you or just saying mommy – I mean, c’mon. There really isn’t anything better. Unless they are saying mommy 300 times in a minute, then this is on a list of sounds I hate. So, there is surely a fine line.

4. My husband’s laugh – This guy can crack me up with his laugh. It’s infectious. I kind of want to put it on a loop and just carry it around so that when I’m having a bad day, I can just listen to it over and over.

5. My mom’s voice – No offense siblings and all other members of my family, but there is a comfort when talking to my mom. Plus, she’s hilarious, so I’m sure to hear a funny story at least once a day from her. Side note: one time a wrong number called her phone (a man) and he legit left a voicemail saying he dialed wrong, but he liked her voice, so feel free to give him a call back. That is just classic.

6. The opening of a can – That pop/fizz sound of any can opening – usually a beer. I don’t drink beer, but when we have friends over and I hear them go in the kitchen and pop another one, it makes me happy, because I know they are staying a bit longer and the night is still alive. Don’t worry, too many popped cans and Mama Tara will make them sleep on her couch. And I do provide breakfast in the morning.

7. Fire – We got a fire pit last year and it was the best decision ever. I love the sounds of fire crackling. I also put this sound on in the background when I work. It gives me a cozy feeling, whether it’s winter or summer. And is there really anything better than a bonfire with friends and family around?

8. Church bells – I like when they are far enough in the distance that I can’t even tell the song, but I know I hear them. When I was in the hospital with my oldest for 5 weeks before he was born, there was a church I could see from my window and every day at noon, the bells would ring. It’s just a beautiful and almost haunting sound. A peaceful sound. When I hear bells to this day, I think of my time in the hospital and remember how blessed we are to have this family of ours.

9. Slot machines – If you know my husband and I, you know we are obsessed with Atlantic City and we love casinos in general. We really aren’t big gamblers, but there is something about the humming of the slots that makes me feel that excitement that something big could happen. Every time you pull that little lever (and yes, I pull it. I don’t push the button. That’s lame) it feels a little magical. And once we have a few drinks in us, we totally cheer when we win like $5. People around us probably think we hit a jackpot and we’re cashing out with barely enough for a coffee.

10. The alarm on the morning you’re leaving for vacation – I hate alarms every single other time, but this one is the best. You are waking up early because you are about to start an adventure. Whether it’s a road trip or you’re headed to the airport, it’s a day away from the ordinary. And that alarm starts it all. We are taking a road trip to Georgia this year to see one of my BEST friends and her family and I can’t wait for the day of that alarm.

11. Ice moving around in a whiskey glass – There is just something amazing about the sound of ice swirling around in a glass full of some kind of liquor. For me, it’s rum. If I see someone on TV holding a glass and I hear this sound, I instantly want a drink.

12. Clicking of typewriter keys – If you know me, you know my obsession with vintage stuff. And typewriters (we’re talking circa 1930s) are my favorite. I have a beauty named Hemmy (after Ernest Hemingway) and when I type on her I feel like a “real” writer. I can just imagine the men and women back in the day that used that tool to create some of the most beloved stories of all time.

13. The ocean – It never gets old. As many times as I’ve been to the ocean, I still feel a heart flutter every time those waves crash. The beauty and size of the ocean makes her beautiful to look at and the calming sounds she makes takes my breath away.

Your turn! Tell me your favorite sounds. And what’s your score?? Are we BFFs??!!



About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at
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2 Responses to My Top 13 Favorite Sounds (it’s Friday the 13th, why not)

  1. cackowski4 says:

    Tara you are a beautiful writer. I’ve known Justin since he was with my girls in grade school. He was and still is a great guy. My favorite sound is hearing my grown daughters call me Mom and my precious granddaughters call me Nana. Nothing better in the world. Keep writing. You are terrific. Can’t wait for your novel.

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