The Summer of Two

At the end of the week, I turn 33. What? I literally feel 16 most of the time. And in a few months, my husband and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. 10 years?? I’m also now a mom of two. TWO kids?? Again, how did I get to this point and how did it all happen in the blink of an eye? Time is FLYING and I’m just trying to keep up. My blogs help me stop for a moment and freeze time. I know in another ten years, I’ll enjoy reading these and remembering that time in my life.





This is the Summer of Two. A pretty milestone summer. For one, it’s the last summer before my oldest heads to kindergarten. Life will never be the same once he starts school full-time. It’s also the first summer we are a family of four. Two little boys home with mom all day, every day. Begin panic mode.



2011: Vincenzo


2016: Santino



My loves

One kid to two kids is a big jump. Even though my oldest is five, and very self-sufficient, it’s still two little guys vying for mom’s attention.

I run a copywriting business, a business that has really grown over the last year and I’m busy. BUSY. I work with a handful of clients on a full-time basis and also handle project-based work as often as it comes. I have an independent contractor who assists me when I have way too much going on, but she has a full-time job, so usually everything falls into my lap. Being entrepreneur and mom is a balancing act like none other.

I run the business, and also act as stay-at-home mom. Which is THE HARDEST JOB ON EARTH. No nanny, no assistant, just me. I am constantly cleaning, doing laundry, dishes, making lunch or dinner, paying bills, running errands, playing with the kids, running the kids to their various appointments and activities. It never, ever, ever ends.

I never knew the true definition of busy until this point in my life. I need to learn to live on less sleep and still wake up with a smile and I need to remember to stop and take a break when things get too hectic. One day, I will miss the chaos and the noise.

I know the Summer of Two is going to be one amazing summer. Every day that goes by, my kids get a little older. And one day, the Summer of Two will have a very different meaning. The Summer of Two will simply mean my husband and I. The kids will be busy with their own lives, their own families.

I will embrace every crazy day with my family. My husband and I will work and do all the “adulting” required, but we will also…

take the boys on adventures, to amusement parks, on play dates with friends, out in the sun and in the rain, play mini-golf, ride go-carts, read books, learn and explore, make crafts, eat Popsicles and ice cream, take a ton of photos and videos and enjoy every second together. No matter how many diaper bags and changes of clothes we need to pack!

My friend just reminded me of the quote, “The days are long, but the years are short,” when talking about kids and it’s so very true.

So to ten wonderful years with my best friend, to year 33 ahead and to my two fantastic little boys, let’s make the Summer of Two – our best Summer yet!

Tell me about your summer plans!




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4 Responses to The Summer of Two

  1. Karen says:

    This is so good and very true. Enjoy your beautiful family and your summer of two.

  2. cackowski4 says:

    Tara, I enjoy reading your posts. You are an excellent writer. My two daughters started kindergarten with Justin. I’ve known and liked him for a long time. My granddaughter just graduated kindergarten, and I can’t believe your son will start. When did Justin, Amanda, and Laura get old? Lol. Enjoy every moment with your sons as time does fly. Those were wonderful days. I’m having more great days being a Nana but those days will also fly. Enjoy your summer. Happy Anniversary you lucky couple!

    • Thank you so much for reaching out! Your words mean so much to me. I really love that you’re enjoying the posts. Justin is amazing. He’s such a supportive and kind man. Awesome that he and your daughters are friends and yes, cannot believe our son is headed to kindergarten! Enjoy your summer, as well. Have fun with your grand kiddos. Thank you again!!

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