From 1 to 7… my journey thus far

Three years ago, terrified, I left my corporate good-paying job to stay home with my then 4 month old son (who was in need of lots of care after his premature birth) and I had ONE client. My former employees were amazing and gave me the opportunity to continue my marketing and social media job from home, something I am still doing to this day.

Today, I was making an Excel sheet for taxes and I realized that my little one client business has grown to seven. I work for folks in three different states, handle everything from ghostwriting, resume writing, and web content, to social media, video editing, and email campaigns, and my life has gone from busy to BUSY.

My son still has therapy twice a week (OT and Speech) and is doing AWESOME. He inspires me everyday. And my husband, there aren’t even words for him. He is always sacrificing his relaxation time to make dinner, give the baby a bath, throw in laundry, whatever he can do to help out.

I’ve realized over these last three years, that weekends no longer exist. I never have a day off, and if I take one off, I’ll pay for it later. And that conference calls at 9 pm or editing at midnight should be expected and embraced.

Sometimes I love the quiet hours of the night, when my boys are asleep, and the only sound is the click-clack of my keys going a mile a minute.

Sure, some days I want to run away. I can’t imagine writing one more thing, or posting any more content, or being creative. But I am truly blessed to live this life, to do exactly what I have wanted to do my whole life, and to be with my son all day, every day.

I do go into the office once a week on Mondays at my old full-time position, and those days are great, too. I miss my little one, miss my morning coffee and breakfast, miss the laptop on my lap sitting on the comfy couch, but it also gives me time to get away. To focus. To appreciate.

This life isn’t easy, it’s different. It’s stressful and lonely at times, but it’s mine.

Thank you to everyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and to all my future clients. I hope someday to grow that seven to many, many more. Thank you to my family and friends for your continued support. I know my purpose on this Earth.
To love and to write.

To add some lightheartedness to this blog, the entire time I was typing this, my son was grabbing my arm, throwing milk at me, making me turn 15 different songs on the radio, and now he’s pulling me to get up and dance. 


About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at
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