My Two-Cents on Scents

My son is doing a therapeutic listening program as part of his occupational therapy (more info on that in another blog) and it’s got me obsessed with brain stuff. Science- and how sounds and smells are so directly related to our brains. I’ve had enough about music lately, so turning to smell.

These are the top 10 scents that most strongly elicit emotions for me. Tell me yours…

1. The smell of Starbucks and how it kinda sticks to your clothes after you leave. I love this. Even when my husband runs into the gas station to grab me a coffee, that smell comes with him. I would wear coffee perfume if it was acceptable. It inspires me. Love, love, love.

2. The smell of a really good candle. I have written entire blogs about candles. I just find them to be so comforting and peaceful. I used one this year called Apple Pumpkin that rocks, and my sister just got me an awesome Mason Jar candle that’s called Apple Pie Cinnamon Vanilla. I want to eat it. I seriously might eat it.

3. The smell of Abercrombie. I don’t even shop there, but you always know when you’re near one in the mall. It’s an intense smell of cologne. It reminds me of my club days and what the guys seemed to be wearing back then. It always brings a smile to my face, a little nostalgia of days gone by.

4. The smell of my mom’s perfume. It doesn’t matter what kind she’s wearing, just any scent she wears smells good. She is one of those people with the right pheromones or whatever it is. Scents just work for her. I love giving her a hug and then later in the day still smelling her lovely scent on my clothes. Makes me feel like she’s always close.

5. The smell of my son’s skin. Babies always smell great, and my toddler still has that baby skin smell. I don’t know if it’s baby wash or lotion, or just him, but I love that smell. It’s innocence and purity.

6. The smell of my husband’s body wash. I swear they make the best stuff for guys. I can lather up a storm and I still don’t think girl’s scents are as powerful as a mans.

7. Many food scents elicit emotion for me, but the best would be breakfast cooking (especially bacon), puts me in an instant good mood. Instant. I just feel like when I eat a big, hearty breakfast I’m ready for anything that comes my way that day.

8. The smell of rain. Any kind of rain, any season, just rain in general. I like dark, rainy days, best for writing. And the smell, I don’t know, it’s fresh, clean, like anything is possible. Now going out in the rain, not so much. I’m the dork that brings an umbrella, and uses it, for a slight drizzle.

9. The smell of fires. Bonfires, campfires. Again, a scent that sticks to you. You can’t get fire smell out of your hair for two days I swear. But I don’t mind it. I’m the farthest thing from an outdoorsy type, but I do enjoy a good campfire. S’mores, Mountain Pies. I mean, c’mon.

10. The smell of Fall. One day in September it just starts to smell like the season. I can’t pinpoint it, it’s almost a feeling, or the wind, or leaves. I met my husband in the Fall 8.5 years ago, and every year I’m reminded of that time of our lives when that smell hits my nose.

Some close contenders that didn’t make the list: Gasoline (I know, weird); Fresh-cut grass; Potato Patch at Kennywood.

So that’s my two-cents on scents. What smells affect your mood?

About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at
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