Christmas Phrases We Say All Year

My husband IS Clark W. Griswold. He loves Christmas, and of course, so do I, but he’s such a fun-spirited kid this time of year, he makes everyone around him love the season, and him, that much more. I wrote a blog last year about our Christmas list of movies. We have around 25 MUST-SEE films on the list, and we spend most December evenings and weekends, doing just that.

I realized that we quote Christmas movies ALL year.

It’s just a part of our everyday. So, I thought I’d share the ones we say the most, and see if anyone else does things like this, or are we just Christmas crazies?

And we don’t just say these, we do the impressions, too.


From A Christmas Story:
“Hey, Kid.” Randy says this after a kid pushes him into the snow, and he can’t get up because he has that classic red snowsuit on. We use this in everyday language, just as a term of endearment.

From Christmas Vacation:
“Shittin’ Bricks, Shittin’ Rocks.” In the movie, Ruby Sue tells Clark that her brother is “shitting bricks,” and he tells her she shouldn’t use that word, and she replies, ‘Sorry, shitting rocks.” Best line ever if you ask me. But we just combine the two together. We use this if we are nervous about something, like say fantasy football. “All my players are on bye this week, I’m shitting’ bricks, shittin’ rocks.”

“I don’t know about you Clark, but this is gooooood.” Cousin Eddie says this about the green jello during dinner. We use it when we are eating something good, too. Why not?

From Love Actually *My favorite movie of all time, besides Serendipity
“Just in cases” Aurelia says this to Jamie at the end, when he realizes she learned English. We use it the same way we would if we were saying just in case. More fun to add the s, though.

“Every day. Every night.” Sarah is visiting her brother who is ill and in a home, and she asks him if he’s been watching TV, to which he replies the top quote. We say it when we are talking about something we do all the time, or if we are bored.

From The Santa Clause
“Thanks, thanks a lot.” Charlie says this to Elf Bernard when he gives him the snow globe. The way he says it is so over-dramatic and hilarious, that we say it when we are being sarcastic about something. Here’s a clip so you get the idea. Watch at :30.

From It’s A Wonderful Life
“You want the moon?” George says this to Mary on their walk home from the party, and we just like to impersonate Jimmy Stewart, so we say it when it comes to mind.

From Prancer
“You want to eat like an animal, take your food out to the barn.” The Dad says this to his son, and we use it in the same way. If my husband is chewing loudly or annoying me, I pull this one out. Clip below. Watch at 10:07.

From Rudolph
“Independent.” The little elf wants to leave the elf world and become a dentist, and he explains this to Rudolph, who agrees, and stutters out “independent.” We love the way he says it, and we say it randomly sometimes for no reason at all. Watch clip at :25.

We bust out songs from both Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, as well as Muppet Christmas Carol. “When there ain’t no hole in the wash tub” and “The Love is Gone,” respectively.

We even reference parts of Christmas movies in everyday situations. Like if I’m being cheap, Justin calls me Ginny Grainger, the mom in One Magic Christmas who buys her kids two toys and hates the holiday at the start of the film.

We just LOVE this time of year. 🙂  I’m sure there are many more Christmas-related blogs to come. ‘Tis the season!

About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at
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