You’re from the 2000s, but I’m a ’90s chick

I’ve been talking about this blog for a long time now, and I’m finally getting around to writing it. I’m a child of the ’90s and I swear we had some of the best television back then. My girl and I were just discussing this over a fervent text conversation the other day.

Some highlights below:

TextOne TextTwoThat’s just a snippet of a probably half and hour long back and forth of some of our faves. We were so excited just remembering all the awesome shows we watched as a kid, and it got me thinking that the sitcoms and shows of  “yore” are a WORLD away from the shows of now.

Some of the classics we were discussing were Saved by the Bell, Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters, and Boy Meets World.

My husband and I have been DVRing old reruns of Saved by the Bell for fun, and I’m amazed at the simple, innocent story lines. The biggest problems at good old Bayside were keeping Mr. Belding away from the groups shenanigans (he was the dumbest principal ever, right) Jessie taking caffeine pills, or which guy Kelly was finally going to pick to date, Slater or Zach. They were also super caring and compassionate for high school kids. The Christmas episode we watched the other day had them all volunteering at the hospital and Zach and his mom taking in a  homeless man and his daughter for Christmas dinner. It’s like an alternate universe.

Today’s sitcoms, if you can even think of a true sitcom, are riddled with adult issues, sex, violence, drugs, you name it. Can you imagine DJ Tanner becoming a teen mom? Or Corey and Topanga running a drug ring?

What happened to good old-fashioned family values and morals? It seemed like every episode taught us something. Danny Tanner or Uncle Jesse always shared words of wisdom, even Mr. Feeney from the other side of the yard got inside the Matthews’ brains. I’m afraid of what shows will be like by the time my son is old enough to watch them.

Disney shows today geared towards the younger generation are more adult than anything we ever witnessed at that age. Kids already grow up way too fast; what’s wrong with trying to keep them innocent as long as we can?

I’m super excited for the spin-off of Boy Meets World where we will now meet Corey and Topanga’s kid. I hope it can take us back to that little decade, pre-social media and even the Internet, when kids were kids, and life was simple. Shows were cute and funny and didn’t need to explore major issues to be entertaining. We miss you ’90s!

What are you favorite shows of the ’90s?

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