Nsync Member Replies To My Tweet…Dare I Say, Life Complete?

I don’t use my Twitter very often. I only signed up for an account so I could follow fantasy football updates, and I rarely even tweet. I’ve been stuck around 50 followers for a long time now, and I’m ok with that. My husband is always competing with me, actually not much of a competition  since he tweets all the time and gains new followers daily, but I got one up on him this weekend when I received a reply tweet from none other than Lance Bass, of former Nsync fame.

Here’s the picture for proof.

lanceNow to truly understand how big of a deal this was to me, you’d have to meet me at age twelve or thirteen. Nsync had just came on to the scene and even though I loved Justin, as all the girls did, I loved Lance more. I don’t have many old pictures at my house, but I wanted to share this one, taken MANY years ago, that may help shine some light on my love for Lance. You can see all those posters in the back, well multiply that by about ten and that was how covered the walls and ceiling were of the room my sister and I shared.

taraIf I could go back and tell this girl that one day, Lance would actually be a person you could contact very easily through social media, I’m sure she would faint. Nowadays, access to celebrities is pretty easy through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Ellen. I mean if you really want to meet or talk to someone, you have a good chance of it happening.

Back in the “old days” or the 90s, that technology was just a thought in someone’s brain and far from a reality. We had to rely on our Tiger Beat and Teen Bop magazines for posters and hope for a Q and A so we could find out some new facts. I remember my friends and I setting up our VCRs to record the guys on whatever talk show they were singing on, and hoping we had enough tape or that we could get the tracking right so it wasn’t all blurry. Remember tracking??? That literally seems like a lifetime ago.

My husband put it best. He said, “Do you realize that even if it was just for a few seconds, that YOU were on Lance’s mind? He saw your tweet, your name, your picture, and made the conscious effort to reply back to you.”

I smiled after he said that. “Yeah, and he sent me hugs and kisses. What else could I ask for?”

So if I never get another tweet back from someone famous, I’ll always have Lance. Even though that thirteen year old is now nearing her 30th birthday, she finally got to make a connection with a childhood crush.

It’s the little things…

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Who would your ultimate celebrity reply tweet come from??

About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at tara@apassionforthepen.com
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2 Responses to Nsync Member Replies To My Tweet…Dare I Say, Life Complete?

  1. David says:

    HAHAAAA!!!! I love that pic of you! ‘Nuff said…

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