Ten Things Ralphie Taught Us…

A Christmas Story is Christmas to me. Ever since I can remember, it’s been on all day long on Christmas Day and most of us can recite almost every line of that film without even thinking about it.

Here’s ten things I think Ralphie and the gang taught us:

1. It’s ok to daydream during breakfast, or school, or any other time. Rhinestone cowboy outfits are acceptable to wear in these daydreams, as well.

2. A theme is apparently a couple of sentences about a certain topic. If you have Miss Shields as a teacher, you can get a C+ with little to no effort pouring from your penny pencil.

3. Don’t say fudge or any other variation of that word while in front of your parents. You will eat soap. Although oddly, that red soap looks kind of tasty to the outside eye, right?

3. Stay away from anyone name “Scut.” If said “Scut” messes with you, use the mittens that are conveniently attached to your jacket to show him who’s boss.

5. Your neighbors aren’t that bad. You could be dealing with the Bumpuses and their dogs!

6. For some reason, at some point after you watch the film, you will crave a glass of milk and red cabbage. They just make it look so darn good.

7. Major awards are as awesome as we make them out to be. A leg lamp in the window, heck yeah! Appreciate everything you get this year.

8. Aunt Clara exists in all of our families, maybe by a different name, but we will all receive the quintessential “pink bunny suit” gift at some point in our lives.

9. Icicles can be used as an excuse if you shoot your eye out with you BB gun.

10. And of course, be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

Signing off until after the holidays. Have a great one everybody!

About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at tara@apassionforthepen.com
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