The Bird Outside My Window (literally)

My “desk” is also my dining room table, and to my right is a large window overlooking my backyard.

Not as exciting as looking out over a city, but lately it’s been just as eventful. A momma bird has built a nest on the corner of the sill, and everyday she’s been there, bringing straw and grass, adding to her masterpiece.

She was timid at first, flying away every time I would get close, but now I think she’s so used to my mug staring at her from inside the glass, she actually greets me by nodding her head, as if to say good morning. She even let me take this picture.


She has laid three blue eggs, and I’m waiting anxiously for the morning when I can snap a picture of the baby birds. It’s so cliché, but when you watch a movie about a writer he’s often setting up his typewriter or computer by a window, looking for inspiration, or perhaps, distraction.


One of my favorite examples is Chevy Chase’s character in Funny Farm. At first, the bird outside HIS window was a welcoming factor to his new life in the country. In the scene below, the bird becomes an annoyance and he tosses his coffee at her.

My momma bird is no annoyance, and she doesn’t realize how much she inspires me every day. I watch her dedication as she sits on her eggs in a downpour, or scares away the neighborhood cats.

She makes me look over at my little man and reminds me to take a break, and focus on the most important thing in my day, being a mom.

So while he sleeps away and I write this post, I encourage you to find the inspiration you need in something unexpected. I might not have a team of creative brains around me all day, but I do have the bird outside my window.

About Tara Darazio

I'm a copywriter, owner of A Passion For The Pen, LLC and host of the Let's Meet For Copy podcast. Contact me at
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